Sales Persuasion Program

The Path to Unstoppable Skills

 Techniques You Will Learn

  • ​​The fastest way to a prospects hot button - having them crave what you’re selling
  • How to get the prospect selling you on how you can help them.
  • Form genuine connection instantly.
  • How to develop a sales mindset that wipes away all fear.
  • How to remove objections before they appear.


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He influences, motivates, and persuades people with words alone. There is an immense power that is hidden behind words, and Richard has tapped into it and unlocked the potential. 


Your insight into how to get a quick signature is amazing - best part is I was able to apply it tonight and take listing one then listing two. How you know this "psychological warfare "stuff is still a wonder . Even more valuable for me is how easy you make it look for me.  I feel this is just the beginning of what's possible  !

Randy S.

​"Richard has insights unmatched by any other coach. He is in the trenches applying and honing in on what works and what does not. His NLP training gives him skills I have not experienced from any other real estate trainer. The results of the people he works with prove it. Thank you for helping me take 62 listings my first year with you."

Ron L.

Global Sales Trainer

NLP Expert

Richard Duggal is one of the few living people to be certified by both co-founders of NLP John Grinder and Richard Bandler. Over the past years Richard Duggal has spoken in live events over the world, where he teaches becoming a master of persuasion by having unstoppable skills. 

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